Linux Consultancy

We install Linux operating system; security, web and e-mail services, and Linux system maintenance.

We prefer Centos Linux versions when we install them.

We setup Linux servers and give technical support on demand:

  • Installing and maintaining the Qmail e-mail server 

    •         Virtual domains: How to store emails from multiple domains on a server
    •         SquirrelMail WebMail interface
    •         Courier IMAP
    •         Delete infected emails with Panda and / or ClamAV
    •         Block unwanted emails with SpamAssassin
  • Firewall setup (iptables)
  • Setup and administration of proxy server (squid proxy), making advanced settings
  • Web content filtering, blocking, receiving records. Enterprise solutions
  • File sharing with NFS and other Unix operating systems
  • File and printer sharing with Samba and Windows-based computers
  • Web server setup. LAMP: Linux - Apache - PHP – MySQL
  • FTP server setup