Die information system

Special solutions for diesinking

It is not possible to manage project - based production such as dies with prepared ERP - MRP packages for series production on the market.

The Yakamoz Die Information System is written accordingly.

Cost analysis



With the cost analysis module we have developed for die companies, labor and material costs for a die can be monitored.

Purchasing, inventory, material acceptance and billing control
With the purchase, inventory, material acceptance and invoice control modules feeding the cost analysis module, we are installing an information system for all the needs of a mold factory.

If you are doing project based production, ERP packages written for serial production will not see your business.

Project-based production can be done easily with Yakamoz Die Information System, which is written in a convenient way, with an ordinary ERP package.


  •       Get a master list of materials from Excel or Catia
  •       Automatic introduction of steel or casting material into the system by the program that transfers the material list.
  •       With proper steel material inventories, you can view the steel in kg, mm, pieces.
  •       You can trace the castings together with the straps.
  •       You can enter the price contract with exchange rate and check invoice with TL.
  •       You can check the invoices of the steel, in kg, that you have ordered.
  •       You can easily manipulate the product trees of the make material you can manufacture in your own factory.
  •       You can manage your purchase list of all the die material on a single screen.
  •       With BUSINESS FLOW MANAGEMENT, every user sees the work that needs to be done on the Waiting Jobs menu.
  •       Reminders are sent to the user via e-mail if requested.
  •       Distributed settlement convenient WEB-BASED software


Satın alma listesi

Purchase modüle


  •      Product tree and revision management
  •      Suppliers - performance reports
  •      Taking offers
  •      Ordering
  •      Goods and service purchase contracts
  •      Stock management
  •      Material acceptance and quality control
  •      Invoice control
  •      Referrals
  •      Costing by purchasing and consumption
  •      Approval mechanism for consumable purchase


Fatura güncelleme

Cost analysis module

  •      Monitoring of die offers
  •      Set up foreseen costs
  •      Collecting hours of labor
  •      Transferring material costs in the purchasing module
  •      CONCLUSION: Are we profitable from this mold project, is it a loss?
  •      This module will be specially prepared for your company based on the existing project cost analysis methods.

Success Story

Cost Analysis and Purchasing Software that we have written in Erkalıp Mold Factory is used.

The entire process is managed from programs that we have developed specifically for the institution to die purchase, purchasing of all the materials of the die and cost analysis.